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Read. Listen. Watch. Learn

Booklings is a revolutionary program for children which is much more than just reading. It enables a child to become a better reader, more knowledgeable and more competitive. With the vast library of books and quizzes it is a perfect library for the child. The program comprises of 4 modules – Read, Listen, Watch & Learn.

Good Readers become Great Leaders

Read unlimited books of all genres &from most famous authors. From Concept books for little ones to Encyclopedias for 12years and above.Read books from great authors like Charles Dickens, Rudyard Kipling and many more to keep the child excited and entertained.Books in English, French, Spanish, Malay, Arabic are part of the program.


Find audio books on topics of your choice.


Watch fun, educational videos that will make learning easy.

Worksheets & Quizzes

Learn from over 1000 various worksheets and quizzes & check your scores instantly. Covers every topic including English, Science, Maths, General Knowledge and more to keep the child abreast.

Intelligent Tools

For teachers

The program offers a Teachers Dashboard to be aware of the performance of their classroom like the most read book or the most active children or the competitions the children have participated in. This would help the teacher to motivate the kids lagging behind or appreciate the ones that excel.

For children

Great reward system in terms of level and stars enables the child to stay motivated at all times.

Technical Specifications:

Age Group
2 year to 15 years


Available on any computer
Available on phones & tablets
Android & iOS apps available. Access Online or Download for later

One account for the entire family.

Read. Listen. Watch. Learn

Product & Services

Subscription based online reading of Books & Quizzes