About Booklings

Reading is one of life's greatest pleasures that open the door to knowledge and independence. The information contained in the books goes a long way to influence one's perceptions and enhance one's intellect.

In Booklings we are passionate about reading and have unlimited books to share with young readers. These books cover all the topics from basic concepts for tiny tots to larger issues of English language training and subjects like Science, Math, Social Sciences, Value Education, Social Skills, General Knowledge and more. Our mind boggling range of stories have to seen to be believed… and not only to read but also to listen, as we understand that children love being read out to.

Booklings is a library of unlimited books available to you on the choice of your digital platform. The idea is to reach out to children of all age groups through their computers, tablets and phones.

Booklings is an effective reading programme that helps parents and teachers improve reading habits of children by following the principle of Read, Learn, Entertain. It is a simple yet scientifically structured programme giving reading, learning and playing materials suitable to the age of the user. It also makes recommendations based on the user's choice and aptitude.

Apart from unlimited books in every genre for all age groups, we also have worksheets and quizzes for the children to enjoy as well as evaluate themselves. The entertainment section has a range of contests to encourage the competitive spirit in children.

We have a strong lineage of books behind us as our parent company B. Jain has been in the publishing business for over fifty years, publishing quality books for the global market on Homeopathy, self-help, and for children.

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Booklings Team